We live in the most fast paced global youth generation ever. A generation that is being lead by their ipods, MTV, xbox’s, and most of all through the world of social networking. Young people are desperate to be lead and that is exactly what we do at The Revivaltime Tabernacle Worldwide Ministries, we equip our young generation in using the armour of God against the enemy.  

Millions of young people around the world are coming to know Jesus and are desperate for more. Desperate for real discipleship. To be lead into the calling and destiny God has for their lives. The Revivaltime Tabernacle is here to equip you to do this.

The Youth Ministry is designed to teach teenagers as well as young adults  to live for Jesus Christ in this  end time. Camps, Conferences, Drama, Bible research, discussions, quizzes, trips,  and other activities are organized to sustain their interest in the Church and to develop them to become the future of God’s church. Also, the Ministry trains members to evangelize to their peers who are without Christ